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Diamond hip hop jewelry also mentioned as "iced out jewelry" or "bling jewelry" arose from the cultural phenomenon of "Hip Hop" or "Rap" music. for many folks except the purists, these terms are quite interchangeable so I'll take them to mean an equivalent thing. Hip hop or rap also refers to an attitude and a part of this attitude is all about creating the impression of sheer extravagance and success. Out of this emerges the design of diamond hip hop jewelry which is supposed to offer a really clear, distinct, and unmistakable message to anyone who happens to ascertain or look at the person wearing the jewelry. Hip hop jewelry is oversized, lavish, and sparkly and incorporates the utilization of ornate crosses, gambling symbols, skulls, breeds of animals, and lots of different designs and symbols. Of course, these are all encrusted with diamonds of varied sizes and shapes. The three basic and hottest ways to urge froze are with hip hop pendants, rings, and diamond studs.

Hip hop pendants have long been the foremost visible expression of hip hop jewelry because they proportion in size real well and have an enormous amount of human land to showcase against. they're often seen dangling from heavy bearing metal rope or link chains all the way right down to the navel level. At that length, they swish from left to right quite visibly and this never fails to draw in attention. Such pendants whether religious symbols or dog tags are usually paved or prong set with diamonds from half tips that could half characters and more. Often with dog tags of various styles, there'll be channel-set square diamonds that form a number of the outer frameworks of the piece, especially the geometric styles. Pave set round diamonds further flesh out the inner details of the piece and provides the piece it's "flash" value. Hip hop diamond rings are smaller in scale than most pendants and dog tags but no smaller as showpieces of hip hop style.

Diamond hip hop rings can feature geometric styles, skulls, religious symbols, crests and seals, and lots of other styles. Geometric styles are the foremost common with square, rectangular, and triangular shapes with channels of square princess diamonds, baguette diamonds, and round diamonds. You can also Buy Hip Hop Jewelry Online In USA. This will be juxtaposed with geometric areas crammed with small round diamonds that are pave set. Diamond rings leave more important stones to be used because rings are symbolically more important. Center stones of various shapes, usually square or round with single stone weights upwards of two carats give the ring its geometric center and screams pile. Single high-quality stones that are either square or round and upwards of two and a half carats in weight are all you actually need in your ring. it's even as manly if less so than the scintillating pave look. it's self-evident as a crucial piece of jewelry without all the glitz showmanship of the iced out look.

The only piece of diamond hip hop jewelry which may be more visible than the other is that the tried and true means' diamond stud either singly or as a pair. Dare I say that two and a half carats per side of princess cut diamonds within the E to F color range are often more of a knockout than an enormous iced out foot long cross pendant. Remember, stud earrings are at eye level and are therefore within the most eye-catching spot on the physical body. they're simple and masculine and may speak loudly about the owner's success. one can indeed escape with a cubic zirconia at ten dollars to offer an equivalent look but to be quite honest most men who know their bling (and women too) can spot cubic zirconia from a few yards away.

Diamond hip hop jewelry has come an extended way as has hip hop culture and music generally. What was once a really small niche in diamond jewelry is now a mainstream force and drives a number of the styling direction behind such major mainstream designers of men's' jewelry as David Yurman, John Hardy, and Konstantino. the recognition of the massive scale iced diamond look has filtered over to more traditional jewelry designers just like the ones just mentioned also as large scales mounting makers like Stuller and Overnight Mountings. Hip hop diamond jewelry is here to remain as long as hip hop music and culture continues to inspire us.

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